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Whether it’s live streaming content or video tutorials, you can stay current with all of our video media releases right here!

The Must See Board Games at Gen Con 2024

More of our most anticipated games that Suzanne and I will be checking out at this year’s Gen Con. Of course, if you are looking for even more games then make sure you check out our podcast, WiscoDice 2024 Gen Con Preview: Hottest New Board Game Releases, available now wherever you download podcasts.

Check it out on YouTube
  • Gen Con
    • Thursday, August 1, 2024 – Sunday, August 4, 2024
  • Time Stamps
    • 0:00 Intro
    • 29:05 Welcome to Wiscodice!!!
    • 2:19:14 Terror in Genzacon – Booth 2243
    • 3:38:26 Arcs – Booth 837
    • 4:36:27 Frozen Frontier – Booth 629
    • 6:52:20 Tranquilty: The Ascent – Booth 157
    • 8:11:11 Voidfall – Booth 365
    • 10:43:01 Kraftwagen: Age of Engineering – Booth 629
    • 12:01:28 Æterna – Booth 541
    • 13:24:20 Moon Bunny – Booth 2319
    • 15:47:25 Citizens of the Spark – Booth 1363
    • 17:57:11 Oranges and Lemons – Hall A Orange

You can likely pick up any of these games at your local game store. Of course, support your local game store. If you don’t have a local game store, support ours!

2024 Gaming Resolutions

For 2024 Conesy and Suzanne created of a list of gaming resolutions. Follow along on our journey to see if we are successful in 2024. We’ll be updating this article throughout the year with our progress

Conesy’s Resolutions

  • Finish Themed Gaming Room / Studio
  • Attend 12 or More Tabletop Gaming Conventions in 2024
  • Paint 100 or More Miniatures in 2024
  • Play 400 or More Tabletop Games (Board Games, Miniature Games, RPG Sessions) in 2024 that are In-Person
  • Lose 100 Pounds or More in 2024

Suzanne’s Resolutions

  • Launch Board Game Brunch on YouTube
  • Interact with gaming groups online
  • Board Game Library Organization
  • Board Game Meet-ups
  • Complete 10 x 10

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Distilling Distilled from Paverson Games: A Board Game Review and Preview

Conesy and Suzanne sit down to review Distilled from Paverson Games. Distilled was one of our favorite games from 2023. Included in this review is a review of both expansions, Distilled: Africa and the Middle East and Distilled: Cask Strength.

Time Stamps:

  • Game Overview: 3:08:16
  • Component Quality: 10:39:11
  • Theme and Immersion: 20:09:02
  • Africa and Middle East Expansion: 26:06:11
  • Cask Strength Expansion: 30:22:15

Strong Tower Gaming Convention Recap and Review

Conesy just finished up a busy gaming weekend and shares the experience he had at the Strong Tower Gaming Convention in his Recap and Review! Support your local conventions and let us know in the comments of the video where we can find more information about your favorite local conventions.

5 Card Games to Start any Board Gamers Collection

Join Conesy and Suzanne as we cover 5 board game picks that we think would fit well into any board gamer’s collection. These five games are ideal stepping points for anyone getting into the hobby, are primarily available via multiple retail channels, and will have long-term staying power in anyone’s collection.

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