2016-05-20 20.24.19This is pretty much the final model at this point. I have done a couple of little touch ups, but nothing significant from this picture. You can see in the original post, the start of the color scheme and now in this near finished model you can really see the difference and direction I was working towards. I have to note that the way the flesh tone worked it’s way out, it’s not entirely the way I envisioned it, but it’s pretty satisfying and I am really happy with it.

So if you follow the WiscoDice Facebook group then you have probably all ready seen these work in progress pictures, but I wanted to post my update pictures to the site and my thoughts at each step of the way so you can see the evolution of this project and my thought process as I worked through what is now the final color scheme. This is not my first figure that I have painted with a non-metallic metal color scheme, but this is going to be my first full army faction and I all ready have a start on the other two Batroid’s from the Combined Army starter box.

2016-05-18 07.00.025/18/2016 About another 45 minutes of work this morning. Need to work on the blends more and that transition from dark to light. Will go back with some glazes and maybe a traditional wash which should do the trick.

I also think I am going to do the gun a different color. It’s blending into the model way to much and I think it should pop more. Overall, I think the model needs just a little more color. Need to go look at a color wheel as I am still undecided as to what color to make that gun. I don’t think I will have much time to work on the model tonight so I have a couple of days to think about that one.

2016-05-19 07.29.375/19/2016 Wow! Snuck in 30 minutes this morning on this figure. It’s amazing what a little glaze does for a model does.

I did start to change the color of the gun as well, though I haven’t worked any highlights. The darker tone all ready seems to have done wonders to just break up the color from the metallic armor plates.

Believe it or not, I started to adjust the head and flesh colors from the blue, which I didn’t feel would be the final color (remember the original post where I said it would be pink). My vision for where the color was going to go is definitely going in that direction with a heavy contrast from the blue to purple, purple to red, and then red to pink.

2016-05-20 19.36.195/20/2016 Getting some hobby time tonight. Been working on this guy for about the past 40 minutes or so. Tweeked the armor plates, worked up the alien flesh town the rest of the way and highlighted the gun. He is now mounted to his base. I have some work to do on that yet, going to do some work with weathering pigments (Note: on the final model I have decided to not use any weathering pigments and leave the base as is with the model on it).

I also need to go back and do the feet now that he is mounted to the base. Feet and claws are going to be the same color, so I will do them both at the same time. I also need to go back and pick out the details of the face more, things like the eyes which should help that head pop just a little more.

I have to take a short break as the paint rubs off a little as I handle, even with the cork and now base to hold the model. To help, I just sprayed the model with Matte Finish and need that to dry.

That’s the project and the model. Now I have to replicate this scheme to two more Unidron Batroids before I move onto the other models in the starter box. This model has been both a challenge to work on and a lot of fun. I am looking forward to finishing up the other two of these figures so that I can move onto something a little different. It’s one of the great things I like about Infinity is just when you can move from model to model and not have to replicate the exact same scheme over and over 100+ times!