It’s been another year of playing games and logging all of those plays. I am still amazed at the types of insights that can be derived from these logged stats. Often, I find myself surprised when looking at the stats. Games that, as a reviewer, I may not have thought were that great may show up with a lot of plays. Meanwhile, games I thought were brilliant may only receive a single play. Logging gameplay is not something everyone should or would want to do, but I share some of the insights derived as I wrap up 2023.

Traditionally, I log all of my stats on BoardGameGeek’s website using the native BGG tools. Moving forward in 2024, I will be using a new App, BGG Catalog, which Suzanne has used for quite some time. There are versions of the App for both Android and iPhone users so give it a try if you are interested in logging your games.

Some interesting statistics jump out immediately:

  • I played over 480 games
  • I played over 138 unique games.
  • May was my best gaming month, with 60 games played.
  • My collection grew by approximately 66 games, toping now at 731 titles, including expansions.
  • Less than half of my plays were via online platforms

Most Played Game – Ark Nova

Ark Nova

It’s no surprise to me that Ark Nova from Capstone Games/Feuerland Spiele was played the most. Not only was it my 2022 game of the year, but it also was implemented on Board Game Arena, where I was able to play it 57 times. While I had 5 in-person plays of Ark Nova, it didn’t get to the table as much as I would have liked. It’s a little tricky to fit in a weekly game night, especially if we need to teach it which has made it a bit harder to table.

I enjoyed this game so much that I immediately wrote a review of Ark Nova for this blog. I am still very high on this game, though my online play has slowed. With the release of the Marine Worlds expansion, which I also think is brilliant for the game, I am hoping to have this game hit the table a few more times in 2024.

Most Played Miniatures Game – Batman Miniature Game 3rd Edition

Batman Miniatures Game

Was there any doubt that the Batman Miniature Game from Knight Models would show up here again? Ok, maybe there was a little doubt. I don’t feel like 2023 was a good year for Knight Models with a lot of uncertainty going on with the game rules, App, and challenging point of entry for new players. All of that said, being relatively active in that community, running tournaments, and playing in a few tournaments as well has kept me up on the rules and changes which I feel are all very needed and wanted for the game.

This year’s total plays were a bit down though from last year with only 34 plays. That uncertainty with the game did impact my total number of plays. However, this fall I have been struggling with some health issues that have kept me away from Noble Knight Games where we regularly play. That’s cleared up and now with a new App and rulebook, I am hoping that we can start growing our local community and I can push those game plays up over 50 for 2024.

Most Played Game (non-miniature) Played In Person – Pandemic Legacy: Season 2

Pandemic Legacy Season 2 Box Cover
Pandemic Legacy: Season 2

This is a very recent leader in most games played, but Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 from Zman Games is the clear leader. We originally finished Season 1 and Season 0 back in 2020 during our holiday break, so it’s been a long time coming to get this to the table. However, Suzanne made it clear when we talked about our table of opportunity on a recent show that we needed to play some legacy games. Who was I to argue with her?

It’s been a lot of fun discovering this new story in the Pandemic universe and we are hopeful that this won’t be the final installment in the Pandemic Legacy games. Even if it is though, we have had a blast with all of the Pandemic Legacy games and would highly recommend them. It’s a great gaming experience either as a solo experience or with a group. Not to mention, you can schedule regular play sessions, and if someone can’t make a session you can still play without any impact to the gameplay.

What’s Coming in 2024?

While I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, we are very busy here at WiscoDice. While we are dedicated to continuing to spread the word about tabletop gaming, there is a lot of work for Suzanne, Justin, Matt, and myself to do. We’ll be exploring some options to continue to challenge ourselves as content creators, but also grow the community following WiscoDice.

Conesy at Gamehole Con running Mysterium from Libellud

To help grow that community, we are going to be more involved with the convention scene. In 2023 we were able to attend great cons such as Strong Tower Gaming Convention, Gamehole Con, Dragon Fall, Midwinter, and Gen Con. While that was many conventions, our goal is to attend even more shows, meet more people in the community, and continue to interact with the community.

With the launch of our YouTube Channel in 2023 we have learned so very much about video creation and subscriber growth. YouTube has given us a way to gather feedback faster and more effectively than anything we have previously done as content creators. We’re taking that feedback and putting it back into not only our videos but changes to the audio podcast as well. We hope that you find these improvements to your liking. From regular shows on the YouTube channel such as Board Games and Coffee to a single topic format that we will do on the audio show moving forward to help simplify the listening experience for our audience.

Conesy at Midwinter Gaming Convention 2023

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