Since I started tracking the games I am playing I have been amazed at some of the stats that have come about from it. Tracking my games played gives me great insight into what games we are actually playing, what games get multiple plays, and where I have been playing those games.

  • I played over 455 games
  • I played over 126 unique games.
  • February was my best gaming month, with 54 games played.
  • My collection grew by approximately 50 games toping now at 665 titles including expansions.
  • My online game plays have come down massively

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the top games that Conesy played in 2022!

Most Played Game – Lost Ruins of Arnak

Episode 81: Lost Ruins of Arnak box and game set-up
Lost Ruins of Arnak

Lost Ruins of Arnak from CGE has been popular since it was released back in 2020. This deck building, worker placement, and resource management hodge podge of mechanisms work very well. When the Expedition Leaders expansion came out it brought new life to this great game.

We originally reviewed this game on episode 81 of the podcast. During that review, we were pretty tough on the game. I pretty much stand with my concerns about the game. However, this game is a blast to play still and is easy to table. People are still excited to give this game a try if they haven’t played it.

Lost Ruins of Arnak is definitely a game I look forward to playing, even more, this coming year.

Most Played Miniatures Game – Batman Miniature Game 3rd Edition


It’s no surprise in this game. Batman Miniature Game from Knight Models continues to be my favorite game. Having participated in six tournaments this past year plus a focus on more and more local play I was able to play this game 40 times!

On top of that, I have had some amazing demo events where I introduced this game to many new potential players. We also had The Long Halloween, a Batman tournament, this past October in Madison, WI. There are so many good things moving forward to the growth of this game locally that I am excited to see where 2023 goes.

Most Played Game (non-miniature) Played In Person – Ark Nova

Ark Nova – In Game Play

As it turns out, Ark Nova from Capstone Games was my favorite game that I played in 2022. I logged six plays of this game this year. For me, that’s quite a feat for a board game that I was just introduced to. There are few games that after I finish playing I am excited to play it again or even the next day. Yet, Ark Nova definitely fits that bill.

Ark Nova isn’t a game without a few flaws though. This game certainly would have seen the table more if it wasn’t for its long play time making it difficult to schedule on our regular game nights. It also feels difficult to approach with a specific strategy. The game forces you to manage the game you are dealt.

That said, this game still intrigues me and I can’t wait to get it back onto the table. We have a full review for Ark Nova where you can find out even more!

What’s Coming in 2023?

Thunderworks Games
Thunderworks Games

I am so very excited to see what the creative group here at WiscoDice comes up with. We have been working with each other long enough that we are starting to invent some cool things. Whether that’s cool ideas for swag, new ways to create content, or even new ways to present to you content I think 2023 is going to be a very exciting year for our fans and followers.

I continue to be excited to interact and build relationships with publishers and game designers. It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet publishers and designers this past year, do those interviews, and start to learn more about that side of the business. We’ll continue to grow and improve upon this in 2023!

Misty Mountain Game Night
Misty Mountain Game Night

We’ll also have more presence at events. Whether that’s the WiscoDice Game Night at Misty Mountain Games or at conventions, the WiscoDice team is becoming even more active at events. Whether it’s the big ones like Gen Con and Adepticon or smaller local convents like GameHoleCon and Midwinter expect to have new and more opportunities to interact with us.

Image is of Consey and Suzanne in front of Genevieve at GenCon2021
Gen Con

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