2015-04-27 22.04.37
Another week has went by folks, and the old world shakes before the onslaught of the chaos warbands from the north. Skaven have krept out of their holes and swarm the world, pinning armies both the the front and rear. It is a dark world for the people that inhabit the old world, but yet they hold out and fight.

So, once again we all gathered at Pegasus Games for another week of campaign play. We had seven players out, so we paired up a 2 on 1 to make up the difference. Here were this week’s match-ups.

  1. Undead Legion (Stark) vs. Skaven (Trevor)
  2. High Elves (Fred) vs. Ogres (Ben R.)
  3. Empire (Nick and Brian) vs. Warriors of Chaos (Conesy)

2015-04-27 19.07.42
So, yeah, I played in the big 2 on one game. I knew I was going to play fast and with that much empire on the table I figured I would have a lot of my army either shot or spelled off the table early so we went 4000 points per side, their two empire armies vs. my 2 chaos armies with no reinforcement points. In my list, it was heavy Khorne with a Khorne Daemon Prince, Chaos Lord, Chaos Knights, and 3 units of Skullcrushers. I knew I wanted the chaos knights with lord heading up the center of the table. Yes, they screamed target, but the knights were really lord delivery. Then my other big decision was to put the skullcrushers all to one side of the table. I figured with that much killing power, that shouldn’t go wrong. It was a gamble, but with the two buildings on each flank, it was going to make it hard, particularly with me advancing, for the Empire armies to get support to their flanks.
2015-04-27 19.07.50
With turn one, the empire players elected to go first and proceeded to systematically take units off. After the first turn I was down two chariots and some other stuff. Turn 2 proceeded in a similar manner, but I was now closing in and relatively well intact in the key areas. One of the keys was to put a 5 pack of demigryph knights in such a bad position on my left flank that they would either opt to loose the unit or flee. They chose flee when I started the assault into it and this was the key I needed to control the left flank. With my Khorne lord all ready engaged and cutting down a big block of halberds, I was able to pounce with everything else I had and cut them down. There was a few spots where either by their shooting or other random charges where I thought they would turn the tide, but in the end another win for chaos.

Team chaos won all three games this week. One of the things I am a little concerned with is that the campaign feels waited as order has not won a week since week 1 in our campaign. I think this stems from two things. First, I think the last couple of weeks with fewer players coming out has hurt them and not given them the ability to pick a favorable match up. Second, I think is that our team chaos armies are some of the toughest match ups that our order players, or any of our regular players have to deal with when they come out to the store.

Ether way, we talked about it and everyone really feels like they are having fun and they are getting into the campaign. Next week, we’ll see how it goes. I am sure it’s going to be fun for everyone.