In Episode 105, not only do the hosts discuss games they’ve been playing, but Consey and Justin recap their long gaming weekend in Northern Wisconsin.

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Read on for links to the games discussed and pictures.

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Episode Show Notes

  • Games We’ve Been Playing ….. 00:50
  • News …. 10:19
  • Cabin Con Debrief …. 16:26

Board Game Night at Misty Mountain

Board Game Night at Misty Mountain Games
  • Adepticon
    • Consey and Brian will be there
  • Gen Con
    • Gen Gon Indy Badge Registration is open

Download the Episode Here!

Games Featured in this Episode

  • Azul
    • Publisher: Next Move
    • Players: 2-4
    • Time: 30-60 minutes

Download the Episode Here!

Scenes from CabinCon 2023

Beyond the Show