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Episode 27a: A Year in the Books

Episode 27a

Our hosts remiss about the first year in WiscoDice with a guest appearance from early in the show. The hosts loop back and talk about their first show main topic and things that they have seen done with the army, Vampire Counts as well. Conesy’s Rant turns into a challenge, and the fan has a love affair. Thanks for listening to our first year and here’s to the start of a new one!

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Episode 27b: Leagues of Sand

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  1. Folks, Conesy made a terrible sin when he uploaded the original audio for this episode and about the last 45 minutes or so were silents (roughly the 1:47:00 mark). I was stuck at Waaaghpaca which was just horrible (I know, right?) and couldn’t get it fixed over the weekend. Thank you folks for letting me know about the issue and I have uploaded a fresh copy of the audio that I have corrected the issue. Please make sure you delete the original episode and download the updated issue.

    If you have any issues with downloading this issue, please let me know and send that into [email protected] and I will provide any assistance I can.

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