Episode 38

The hosts get back together for another terrain day session and work on their projects from last time as well as Conesy starts a new project.

On top of that, Conesy has an interview with Alex who is one of the key organizer’s for Game Hole Con which is going to be here in Madison on November 1-3, 2013 at the Sheraton Madison Hotel. WiscoDice will be at this con running a Friday night monster mash for intros to Warhammer. Saturday, we will be there running a crazy megabattle event. Make sure you check this con out and see your favorite hosts there and get some Warhammer action in.

Get your tickets and all of the information at the Gamehole Con website at http://www.gameholecon.com/.

Dustin continues his work on the following projects:

  • 4 pillars
  • Volcano
  • 3 wall sections
  • Ziggurat tower

Brian picks up work on his Dark Elf tower and can’t seem to find the right size wooden dowels. Still, somehow, progress is made and this thing is looking pretty sharp.

Meanwhile Conesy works on painting up his foam core house, casts a pretty good number of Hirst Arts bricks, and puts together a fieldstone bridge from those bricks.

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