Episode 49

Recorded from Pegasus Games in Madison, WI our hosts art taking part in a painting day at the store. Joined by friend of the show, the NoisyAssassin himself Dustin, the hosts share what painting projects they have been working on and share some tips that they have learned about the projects.

Next the hosts move on to talking about the Pegasus Mordhiem league. Mordhiem is a great game made by Games-Workshop that is set in the Warhammer world historical timeline where a comet hits the city of Mordhiem that is made of Wyrdstone. It is now up to mighty leaders and their intrepid followers, that form warbands, to search the city and overcome challenges from on comers to collect precious wyrdstone, build their own power and followers, and expand their dominance.

Finally, the hosts wrap up with a segment on the new Wood Elf book, initial thoughts as the hosts take a look at Conesy’s impulse buy for the day.

Make sure you also check out the Kickstarter for Rollable D4s on Kickstarter. While you don’t use the D4 in Warhammer, we know that a lot of our listeners play other games and use the famed D4 in those games. All of us are probably familiar with the little, pyramid shaped dice. If you have ever stepped on one, they would certainly be something to remember. When added that they really don’t roll so much without a hefty toss that there isn’t space for on most game tables, these are perfect for gaming. Check them out and if you back it, let them know that WiscoDice sent ya.

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