Episode 58

After much delay on the editing floor, episode 58 is ready for release. In this episode we talk about how to transport your models. Whether you are hauling your army around the world on a plane or just down to your local game store. Our hosts have used a number of different products and we give our honest thoughts about all of those different products.

Also, we announce our contest winners in this episode. A big thanks to all of our fans that wrote in with comments about what we are doing on the blog. We are looking into many of the options we can do to try to help continue to improve the blog and the content we bring.

Finally, as you may note Merry Mayhem, the Warhammer Tournament, has come and gone by the time we talk about it at the end of the show. You can check out all of the pictures from the event on Google.

Make sure you submit your questions for future editions of the Cheesecurd segment! Just send them in to [email protected]. We would love to hear your questions.

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