Episode 72

After pretty much forever it seems, Conesy finally managed to get this episode edited. We apologize for the gap and delay. Life and changes in what’s been going in our lives has put getting content on the back shelf for a little bit. If you want to ensure you are update to date on what the WiscoDice guys are doing, make sure you join our closed group on Facebook where we seem to put the most updates.

On this episode, our intrepid hosts break down the very nitty gritty on the new edition of Bolt Action. What are the changes to the rules and some thoughts on where it’s changing their lists. Let me tell you, Brian and Conesy have never spent so much time doing prep work and going over rules for a game like was done for this show and that goes a long ways into showing how excited for this game and this release they are.

Topics on this show include:

  • Bolt Action

If you are interested in Bolt Action, the rules, the game, or just more information make sure you check out the website where all of the info is available at Warlord Games

With that, let’s roll those dice! Wisco’s for the win!!!!

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