If you are slightly familiar with Batman you are probably aware of the League of Assassins. The League has been a common adversary of the caped crusader. Thus they have a representation in Knight Model’s Batman Miniature Game.

There have been many members and storylines involving the League and Knight Models provides a great selection to choose from to create a crew. There are amazing options to choose from to create a powerful crew. Here are my secrets to becoming a member of the League of Assassins.

The League of Assassins: Demon’s Heir

The League of Assassins: Demon’s Heir is the Bat-box for the League of Assassins crew and really a no brainer pick to get into the crew.  Knight Models produces “Bat-box’s” for many crews and they are the easiest way to get into any crew.

League of Assassins was lucky enough to be the first updated crew of the new edition. Included in the bat-box is everything for the crew including models for a full 350 point crew and all the cards to play. 

One note to watch out for when buying third party or second hand is to make sure you are getting the 3rd edition box. If you purchase the wrong one you will not have the correct cards for the current 3rd edition of the game.  This is usually noted in the description or title as “Update Version” or make sure it includes the 25 objective and 4 plot cards which are unique to 3rd edition.

Let’s talk about the crew build

Out of the box the crew is a complete 350 rep crew and only $100 funding for the members.  This leaves you the ability to assign equipment to many models.  This is a great way to tweak your build without having to purchase any additional models!

For initial games I wouldn’t even worry about equipment. You’ll be fine.  You have a lot of funding leftover so in later games it can add some extra boosts and specializations to your henchmen.  The crew is 7 models which is a nice size. 

Many of the models can be painted with the same scheme which gets them to the table quickly.  There are also a few unique models that keep things interesting and let you focus on a few special paint jobs to make the crew stand out.

Models in the box

  • Leader: Talia Al Ghul – She serves the crew with good ability bonuses and is able to hold her own fairly well offensively and defensively.
  • Sidekick: The Heretic – This is definitely the crew’s powerhouse.  He crushes your average opponents with ease and is especially hard to take down.
  • Free Agent: Cheshire – Is also a deadly and fast model.  Her killing strength is boosted by her poison abilities.
  • Henchmen – Some unique traits give the Hassassins some specializations but they all can be fairly lethal and survivability is boosted by Talia’s Mind Control Substance.
    • Hassassin 1 – Poisoned scimitar pairs well with Cheshire
    • Hassassin 2 – Remember boost from Tension when suffered blood damage
    • Hassassin 3 – Only ranged weapon but use it as a bonus and not primary focus
    • Hassassin 4 – Reach from the Bhuj offers versatility from the other henchmen

Lazarus Pit – This is an cool specialized league marker that is used with one of their objective cards

Where is the Demon’s Head?

Where is Ra’s Al Ghul, the Demon’s Head?  That is probably the biggest question a Batman fan has when seeing this bat-box.  I know it was my first question not being very familiar with more recent storylines.  Looking into the characters and reading up a bit they are pretty interesting! 

To help catch up on the lore, there is a series of animated movies (Son of Batman, Batman vs Robin, and Batman: Bad Blood) that have Talia and Heretic in them.  That was another great way to get familiar with them and helped capture my interest for the box. I’m not very familiar with comics but I think Batman Incorporated storyline is the most related to the box.

If you are a great fan of Ra’s and the more classic story lines then Ra’s is also available from Knight Models. You can purchase him outside of the bat-box. As well, you can pick up Ubu, more assassins, Deathstroke and more that can be added to your League collection.

What’s Next?

The Demon’s Heir bat-box is a very good way to get started with the League or into the Batman Miniature Game.  It gives you everything you need to play League. It is a great start to get familiar with the game or expand to a new crew.

Most of my time in the game has been played with the box crew.  There is plenty of opportunity to expand and personalize the crew from here.  Look out for additional posts here about the League of Assassins and more for Batman Miniatures Game.

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