dungeonLordsI had an opportunity to play one of the greatest board games I get to play last night, Dungeon Lords. In the game you play the evil (or not so) Dungeon Lord to try to build your dungeon. You add tunnels, rooms, recruit monsters and set traps to try to score the most points and thwart those pesky heroes. The game is tough and to the not initiated, it can be a real struggle. Last night was my best play of the game yet, and I still ended up losing by 2 points!

The theme is so good, while the game play is quick, constantly moving with only a few spots for someone to really bog down the game with some slow decision making. The big knock to the game is that it’s complex and that it’s not beginner friendly. The theme makes up for it, but beginners should never expect to be competitive their first play through. Heck, I have played the game several times now and feel like I am only really getting the game now.

If you like more theme in your game, but love more complex games like the “Euro” style games such as Caverna and Agricola, then you should check this game out.