So, just as many of us here in the United States are doing that are gamers, we are gearing up and excited for another year of Gen Con. That’s right, I am going to this grand daddy of super sized mega-cons again this year to check out the vendors, pick up some new games and to hang out with friends from around the country. It will be another great year.

So, one of the things that WiscoDice is doing this year is going to be a walk up challenge. If you bump into Conesy, yeah me, during the convention and let me know how this blog post helped you, I will give you a pair of the “winter edition” WiscoDice while supplies last.

So, ok, enough about what we’re doing. What’s at Gen Con this year that’s super cool or you should check out. Let’s start with the vendor hall. A few years ago, when I first started going back to Gen Con I noticed the increased number of different vendors for miniature games in the hall. Here are some ones that I think you shouldn’t miss.

  • The Game Room – The Bits Guy as most folks refer to this store and owner more, has tons of bits/parts/kits both new in box and bins to go through if your looking for that perfect component to go into your model.
  • Hirst Arts Blocks – Personally, one of my must stops every year to pick a few new molds and talk to the staff their about what’s coming out and any tips/secrets they may have. These molds make bricks that you can then cast with resin or plaster to build some of the best terrain out there. Very cool
  • Games-Workshop – With Age of Sigmar out, I suspect the GW booth shoved way to the back of the room (and separate from Forgeworld this year) will be busy answering questions about the game more then they will be selling product. I think this tells me that GW didn’t originally want to come to Gen Con this year, but with their new public relations campaign with Age of Sigmar decided they should have some kind of presence at the biggest gaming event pretty much in the world.
  • Forgeworld – Yep, they are back and note that according to the convention map they are at a separate booth then Games-Workshop. If you didn’t put in your pre-order/pick it up at the con order with them, they will order anything they don’t have on hand for you at the booth with free shipping so NO minimum orders!
  • Privateer Press – Yeah, I haven’t been really into there games the last few years, but their booth is always super cool and Privateer Press goes out of their way for Gen Con. It’s totally worth the stop to see what giant crazy jacks they have outside their area and get a demo with a friendly Pressganger.
  • Cool Mini or Not – I am not as impressed with them as they were the first year they came to Gen Con when they brought much of what they carry on their online store. Now they are much more focused on what they are trying to promote, but there is still some cool stuff. I know pictures are out for the new Dark Age Zombicide game, but I am hoping to see it in the flesh at this event. They should also have Dark Ages and Wrath of Kings, both really cool looking games that if I get a chance I would like to walk away from Gen Con trying one of them.
  • Wyrd Games – Wyrd takes Gen Con seriously and always has a super cool booth. It’s easy to get a demo of their games while your at the convention as well. Give Malifaux a try. This game needs more people playing and the way it plays is so much different then the way any other wargame I have played works.
  • Impact Miniatures – You need alternate blood bowl figures or interested in currently published fantasy sports games, try out Elf Ball. Into roller derby, well they have minis for that too. Very nice guy and great figures. Check them out.
  • Hawk Wargames – Yep, Dropzone Commander will have their own booth and some cool new releases and product out for this year’s Gen Con hopefully. I am looking forward to swinging by their booth and hopefully getting a chance to talk a bit about what it takes to really get people locally excited for this game and what the experience was like to build your own miniatures game and company nearly single handed.
  • Outlaw Miniatures – If your into the more wild west stuff, make sure you swing by their booth.

Make sure you have a copy of the exhibit hall map. It will be your handy nav tool to find the both’s your most interested in what will surely be a crowded hall this year.

See ya at Gen Con 2015. Look for pictures of the event coming out via my Twitter/Google+/and the WiscoDice facebook page all weekend.