The Dark Knight Rises Bane Crew

Bane will break the Bat! With the Bane crew, it’s about powerful models that will dominate your opponent with strength. Bane crews tend to be elite models that play a very strong role on the table. Each one individually can be expected to serve their role and do it very well. With this article, I will focus on what’s available for resin purchases which makes your cost of entry in getting started with this crew easy and makes future growth expansions not too bad either.

Soldiers of Fortune feature both Bane and Elite Mercenaries, but also includes the Arkham Knight and those mercenaries from the video game of the same name. For this article, I am going to focus on Bane builds. While the Arkham Knight is one of my favorite models, I feel it’s fair to give Arkham Knight his own future article and build options.

Super Powered on Venom

Bane (Rebirth)
Image Courtesy of Knight Models

The Venom Overdrive Batbox is probably the best value to get started with this crew. It’s a 350 reputation crew contained in one box. Not only do you get a huge, venom injected Bane model, but a number of very elite mercenaries to join him.

Bane is a huge beast with incredible stats and powerful enough to single punch nearly any model in the game in a single round. Having traits like “master fighter” and carrying 3 venom doses into a fight makes him a true close combat machine.

The List

  • Leader: Bane (Rebirth)
  • Henchman:
    • Dreadnought Op
    • Elite Op
    • Support Op
    • Stealth Op
    • Sharp Shooter

The henchman will do a lot of work in this crew. Elite Op with Night Vision Goggles is one of the most effective ranged models in the game. There’s plenty of funding remaining in the crew to equip that item. The crew is very effective at knocking out models, but getting models off the table is a problem. Adding Handcuffs to Stealth Op with your remaining funding will round out the crew.

Rise! Rise!

Dark Knight Rises Bane
Limited Edition

Tom Hardy’s performance of Bane from the Dark Knight Rises movie has left it’s mark on the character. Included in The Dark Knight Rises Two Player Starter for 2nd edition of the game, this version of Bane isn’t quite the beast that Bane (Rebirth) is, but he’s still a powerhouse. This does mean you have more reputation to play with to bring in more options into the list.

This build does require you to get your hands on the old 2nd edition The Dark Knight Rises starter box which is no longer available from Knight Models. Hopefully they will reprint those models soon for third edition! Combine the Bane contents of that starter with the Bird and the Mercenaries pack and you will have plenty of options for a crew. To round out the purchases, the Soldiers of Fortune Reinforcements pack and Blackgate Prisoners packs round out this crew.

Purchasing all of these kits will give you a ton of options, but it’s a lot to collect. This is a great way to expand what you own to make sure you have additional ways to play Bane and his crew!

The List

  • Leader: Bane (Dark Knight Rises)
  • Sidekick: Bird
  • Henchman:
    • Mercenary 1
    • Mercenary 2
    • Barsad (Mercenary 3)
    • Cuchillo
    • Infiltrate Op
    • Prisoner 93432

You do have room for equipment in this list. Adding a Backpack to Cuchillo will give him a bit more flexibility to manipulate enemy suspect markers. With his advanced deployment he will be in position to reach those turn one or two suspect markers and just nicely removing one. Nothing like causing some precise chaos in your opponents plans. Bane and Prisoner 93432 are great at dealing stun damage. This non-lethal damage will be great for knocking out the enemy, but to get them off the table you are going to need a pair of handcuffs. To spread the equipment around, giving these to Prisoner 93432 seems the way to go.

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