Heroes of Valintia
Coming to Kickstarter Very Soon

Ever dreamed of being an epic hero? Ever wanted to share that experience with your kids? Heroes of Valintia provides a perfect gateway to be able to introduce new generations to the fantasy gaming experience.

On this episode of the Diary, Conesy interviews the creators of Heroes of Valintia and finds out what this game is really about. The Kickstarter is coming soon, so make sure you hop over to the coming soon page and click the Notify me on Launch Button

Heroes of Valintia on Kickstarter

Conesy’s Diary: 2/17/2021

Go, listen to the show! While you are at it, check out these images of the game.

Some of the characters miniatures you will be able to use
One of the sample character cards. What a cool wizard!
The Dice – Lots of bright colors and easy to understand symbols
An example tile for playing the game