Harley Quinn
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It’s been a busy and hectic couple of weeks, but when it’s busy you just have to keep that paint brush working. That means I have a few projects finished to share. Most of the work I have been doing is really focused on super heroes for the Batman Miniature Game by Knight Models and Marvel: Crisis Protocol by Atomic Mass Games.

Harley Quinn was the most recent project. She’s one of the most dynamic posed models I have for the Batman Miniature Game. I love the scenic base and I feel it adds so much character to the model. I didn’t have much direction when I started this model. I focused initially on the bottom elements of the figure and worked my way slowly up the model filling in colors and slowly working up the highlights. As I finished the model I wanted the eye to have two focal points. The first, and primary, was going to be Harley’s hair and face. I think this area of bright color on what is otherwise a darker shaded model really makes this an instant place your eye is drawn. As the eye works it’s way down the model the second focal point comes into play with the stone clown face having just enough color and lighter shading to stand out on the base.

Prisoner 04211
Gustaff Gustaffson

Prisoner 04211 has broken out of Blackgate Prison recently and with his trusty carbine rifle is ready to tear up the streets of Gotham. Gustaff Gustaffson is one of the prisoners pack that was released by Knight Models near the beginning of 2nd edition. This pack is great if you are playing any of the villian factions as there are a number of low reputation, useful henchmen models that you can include in your crew. I am pretty happy with the way this model turned out, but I think I should have done just a little more work on the shading around the head. The skin town there almost feels too blended and not enough transition. He’s a henchman though and not any of the main models I will typically use so I am calling this one good and done for now.


Changing game systems, Marvel: Crisis Protocol, I wanted to finish the models that have been released for the Wakanda faction. Previously I had completed Killmonger and Black Panther so now it was time to work on Shuri and Okoye. Shuri has all of the tools for a low threat cost that you could want for a character in the game. I am very happy with the way she turned out as well. If there is anything I would change I thin it would be the way she is assembled. She leans just a hair too much forward with her leap. Much of that I credit to the plastic glue sagging a bit as it dried and not catching it soon enough. The other thing that I thought would look good when she was primed, but is I think a draw back now is that she is leaping basically to elevated ground. I think that raised concrete on the base makes her leap look lower to the ground and doesn’t quite look right. She turned out nicely though and will be fun to get to the table.


Wrapping up the completed models is Okoye. My goal with this model was to paint her to match the movie costume a bit more than the original comic look that Atomic Mass Games studio painter used. I honestly think this works well with the reds, khaki, and gold colors. I realize after I called the model finished that I probably should do a bit more with the face, but I think it works for now and will use the model for games likely soon.

That wraps up another two weeks of hobby progress. On the workbench right now is more Batman Miniature Game, Marvel: Crisis Protocol and a test model for a Bolt Action US Army infantryman. We’ll see what I can finish up over the next couple of weeks. Until then, let us know what you have been painting over on our Facebook Group or send us an email at [email protected]. We always love to see what you are working on.