2016-05-17 22.38.42More Infinity! New project and what will be my army of choice some day with this game I think. Combined Army. Very much a WIP so far getting assembly and initial paint scheme down.
I am working the models in an all NMM scheme using blues as my primary color. I am using it in the metal plates of the armor to give it a blue tint and you can see it some in the plates currently, but I have probably 5-6 more layers at least before I get to a final highlight.

The alien flesh town is going to end up pinkish I think…That should be bright and help the model pop against the dark metallic color and really help the figure pop on the table. I haven’t really started that other then putting the base blue down to work over.

Light golden trim will be used here and there to help break up the armor plates and give it a little more eye catching pop. I have started to paint in a few spots just to help my eyes focus on the model and help show what I am talking about in the picture.

Overall, from where I started about 2 hours ago to now, I am pleased with the real progress on the armor, but it’s a slow process and not something I would have ever wanted to do on the scale of a Warhammer or Bolt Action army. It’s likely going to take me 4-6 hours to finish this first figure. Of course, after that I will have the whole color pallet worked out and the next model should be faster.

2016-05-17 22.37.58