I recently picked up Marvel: Crisis Protocol by Atomic Mass Games. I have to say I was really on the fence about picking this game up. I love Marvel lore and comics, but I have so many models and different games it’s hard to dive into another game. Couple that with owning the old Marvel Miniatures Game models from Knight Models which are really highly detailed and pretty cool. Still, after doing my research and seeing how the game is evolving and continuing to get some great support from both Atomic Mass and the community, I decided to dive in.

Regarding the models, they are plastic and what I would call…a bit fiddly. There are a number of little bits on each model that really need a tweezers and patience. For the most part, if there was room they give you a couple of extras of those small parts. Well, except when I may have needed one for Captain America after one of his shoulder emblems went flying across the room!

Mold lines are there, but pretty minimal. I suspect that their design is intended to minimize this which is also why they have some additional fiddly. I did end up with a number of gaps in the figures that I did have to fill. I am not sure if this is a case of the way the models were molded or if I should have spent more time dry fitting the models. I am going to chalk that up to impatience! I am really excited to get these models table ready and try the game play out.

For the size of the figures, and they are a bit larger scale than say Batman or Malifaux type stuff. I will leave final judgement on whether I feel this is a good thing, but right now I feel like it should have led to greater detail that doesn’t seem to be present. Of course, that could be just be the fact that I am looking at gray plastic and haven’t tried to paint any yet.

The terrain that comes in the kit is pretty cool and some of the best starter terrain in a kit that I have ever purchased. All of this plastic terrain will definitely be added to my modern city gaming. The terrain is designed to scale with the models so the cars are a little over sized in comparison to my other collection of toy cars for modern gaming. However, I would say my “scale toy cars” are a bit all over the place so it’s not that big of a deal anyways. I haven’t seen the included building sit next to any of my 4Ground or TT Combat buildings yet.

This would lean this review to the negative side of things, and I would say at this point I have been just a touch disappointed. Still, there is a certain amount of excitement as I think of games of the Avengers thwarting Thanos or Red Skull and the Cabal or Spiderman in a team up with the X-Men to overcome Sentinels or the Brotherhood of Mutants. There’s a lot of possibility and the support has been, from what I can tell, exceptional. I am especially excited to try the Ultron mission where two teams take on one super powered Ultron. I will put up another more complete review of the game some time after I have been able to get my first few plays. That will likely be a while as I want to paint up the figures and need to learn the game and likely teach my future wife to play as COVID-19 lockdown is going to keep me from playing some of the other locals.