Well, I have a new game to talk about from Starling Games. You know, those guys that made a little game called Everdell. Flourish is a game of building a lovely garden where you will be drafting cards for between 1 and 7 players. The game duration is around 20 minutes per the Kickstarter page. On top of the cards, there are a number of cardboard tokens and standees that will become part of your game experience. The art of this game looks beautiful and this could be a great game to kick off a game day or be used as a filler between games.

For those of you who are into Dungeons and Dragons, here is a great Kickstarter by The Dice Dungeons Team that should help streamline your games. Condition Coins is exactly what it says it is. Little round metal discs that you can place around your miniatures bases that indicate the various status conditions that your characters might be affected by such as Poisoned, Paralyzed, and Stunned. This is a particularly great addition to your games if you utilize a lot of battle grids for combat scenarios. Never forget that a monster was stunned after resolving it’s attack or that a PC needed a save against poison. These tokens help with the visualization so that these status effects just don’t become overlooked.

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