It’s back to the work week, but that also means it’s time for our dive into crowdfunded projects for another Kickstart Monday. This week we have two games that caught our attention. Let’s dive into these projects and see what makes them great games to think about supporting!


Courtesy of the Kickstarter Project Page

Buru from Crafty Games is a Euro style discovery game where you will play as a noble in the Majapahit empire in Indonesia. Your goal will be to set out over the seas to find new people and civilizations to trade with. You have landed with the other players on the small island of Buru where you will need to win over the residents by trading and paying your respects while exploring the island.

The game leverages a bidding mechanic where you will take all but one of your 5 explorers which are numbered (1-5) and place them on regions of the island. They will then resolve with the highest powered explorer to the lowest powered explorer in that region. No matter how many explorers you commit to a region, you only ever get to take one action.

You’ll take actions that secure resources, collect cards that represent the islanders, and utilize the resources and islander abilities to unlock victory points when you pay your respects to the islanders water spirit. All in all it looks like a cool game we just had to mention!

Euborea – Spell, Axe & Loot

In Euborea from designer Martin Baer players will find themselves exploring a hex tile board, discovering locations, overcoming challenges and monsters, fighting battles, gaining skills, and ultimately completing tasks.

Utilizing an asymmetric battle system that resolves similar to “rock-paper-scissors” you will be able to overcome most challenges. While certainly you will acquire skills and other items that will help enhance your chances and enable you to overcome greater challenges, this mechanism let’s it stand out from other games that utilize a similar explore places on the board that may vary in difficulty.

Featuring game play for between 2-5 players this game will be a bit more lengthy at a 180+ minute play time. While longer games like this are often harder to get to the table, there is something about the excitement of discovery and exploration in a fantasy setting that gets us excited. If you are, then you should definitely check this project out.

Did we miss your favorite project?

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