Grab your coffee because it’s going to be a wild ride today. It’s Kickstart Monday!

Two new Kickstarter projects have grabbed our attention today. Let’s start with THE BOYS: This Is Going To Hurt The Board Game by 1First Games. The Boys have been particularly popular since their hit series hit Amazon’s streaming service. We’ll see if the game lives up to the comics and show. Then we’ll take our time and watch the fish in Aqua Garden by uchibacoya and Underdog Games. I am just going to say it has some of the coolest meeples I have seen in a board game!

THE BOYS: This is Going To Hurt The Board Game

Game Board and Character Standees
Courtesy of their Kickstarter Page

The Boys comic book, which this game is based on, is a twisted parody of popular characters from Marvel, DC and other comic book lines. Super heroes are all created with a compound called Compound V. This Compound in existing super heroes can give them an extra boost. Be ready though, for super heroes in this universe have dark issues that lead to exploitation of everyone they can.

In this game you will take on the famed super hero Homelander using everything at your disposal to save the world…at least from your point of view. The game features game play for 2-5 players taking on the roles of CIA agents. During the game you will move from location to location recruiting other heroes and trading resources in the black market. Recruiting heroes will require you to pay both their resource cost and then overcoming the hero in combat. After all, they don’t willingly want to work for you! You will continue through the game, recruiting these resource cards until you ultimately take on Homelander.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Aqua Garden

Aqua Garden
Courtesy of their Kickstarter Page

The Shed Aquarium in Chicago is one of my favorite places to go. There is a wide variety of different fish in extremely well maintained aquariums. There is just something peaceful about watching the various sea creatures go about their business. While I have never dreamed about owning a commercial aquarium, that’s exactly what you will do when playing Aqua Garden.

In the game, you will have a form of Rondel time tracker. Basically, whoever’s piece is the furthest behind on the Rondel will be the next player to take their turn. Depending on the space you land will basically designate what type of fish you obtain. You will then move your worker on your player board, following certain rules, and place the fish. Be careful, you don’t want to put your striped fish in the same tank with your sharks!

Additionally, you will need to attract customers to earn money. There are places on the Rondel that will allow you to attract precious visitors. More fish, more visitors – more visitors, more money. After 4 rounds of the game you will calculate victory points. Whoever has the most victory points is the winner with the most successful aquarium in the land!

Did we miss your favorite project?

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