We have a pair of Kickstarter treats for you this Monday! We are delving into our Fantasy roots with these two projects featuring our favorites! Dwarfs and Goblins. Only your backing can help determine who is the best. Let’s get chopping!

Fantasy Sports Dwarfs
Courtesy of Chaos Spawn Miniatures

Female Fantasy Dwarfs by Martin Pirsch

Blood Bowl is hot right now with the release of season two edition and filling out those teams with cool models is always cool. In this new Kickstarter by Chaos Spawn Miniatures features alternate sculpts for Fantasy Sports Dwarfs. Of course, you could use these for any fantasy game, but they have all of the look for a game of Blood Bowl. If you have had enough with beards on your dwarfs, look to this Kickstarter to provide you some really cool alternate sculpts. Of course, the old dwarf in me is screaming that these aren’t nearly beardy enough!

Greenskull Castle – Miniatures

Sample Painted Goblin
Courtesy of Emvicreative

Emvicreative is a new company trying to get things moving with it’s first Kickstarter, Greenskull Castle – Miniatures. The miniatures will be resin cast with 15 different possible sculpts available. The models have a classic hawkish nose which will help them fit in with your existing goblin miniature lines. Alternatively, these would make great additions to a Fantasy roll playing game. All of these models have real character to them. I think that goes to the passion that the team has in creating these great figures.

Did we miss your favorite project?

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