Welcome to Kickstart Monday!!!! This is our weekly, or well mostly weekly, blog series where we feature two or more crowdfunding projects running on platforms such as Kickstarter, Gamefound, Indigogo, and others. These crowdfunding projects always are orientated around tabletop gaming. Often games, but also accessories, game room furniture, and other projects that catch our eye. Let’s take a look at this week’s featured projects!

Fractal: Beyond the Void

Fractal: Beyond the Void from Bored Game Ink is a 4x sci fi strategy game leveraging a legacy campaign setting. While this game claims to give you that full 4x experience faster, it’s play time is estimated at 30 minutes per player. It plays 1-4 players, so assume anything form 30-120 minutes plus set up and tear down for your game play.

Like most of these games, you will play as the plucky emerging empire in the solar system only to find other nations also rising at roughly the same time. To pull this off, there are three boxes to this game. To start with is the core game box. If you just want to play the game, not worry about legacy, and a pile of miniatures then this is the place to go.

Of course, you can take that up a notch and pick up the campaign box. This introduces a layered, storied legacy campaign that you can play out. Of course, plenty of new factions in this add on, more miniatures, and more game to explore. Taking the 4X game to the legacy gaming environment is unique, and different for this genre.

Of course, if you want a more rich 2-3 player game you can pick up the Automata expansion as an add-on. This will add all of the components you will need to enrich games at lower player counts by automating up to two players.

Of course, if you love delving into rich sci fi universes, legacy games, and tons of miniatures then you should check out Fractal: Beyond the Void.


Mythwind from OOMM Games is a co0perative game for 1-4 players that should play in 30 minutes to an hour typically. This will make Mythwind a great filler game for your game nights, or an even better game for families.

When you play Mythwind, each round in the game is the equivalent of one day in the games unique world. You will work collaboratively to build and grow your town. Take on the role of an asymetric character who has a specific skill set that you can utilize to increase the success of your town.

Mythwind uses what they call is a “Persistent World”. Effectively what that means, and it’s pretty exciting, is that your previous plays impact the set up, components, and game play of future games. This might be adding cards to decks, secret envelopes, and other tweeks to the game over the course of the play.

Since you are exploring and unlocking content through the course of game play you may find yourself playing several games during game night. If this excites you, then you should check out Mythwind!

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