Welcome to Kickstart Monday! This is our weekly series featuring 2 or more crowdfunding projects that have caught our eye. We scour over platforms like Kickstarter, Gamefound, and Indigogo to find projects that interest us.

There are certainly some exciting projects out in crowdfunding land. Let’s take a look at a couple of games that we think you should check out.


Our first game this week is a Kickstarter for Midhalla from Fyrnwest Games.

Midhalla is a cooperative dungeon crawl adventure through an epic fantasy viking setting. Players will experience the deep lore of Midhalla through a multi-chapter campaign. Each chapter will present a variety of enemies and events and the adaptive difficulty system will make sure that there is always a challenge to be found.

Midhalla features a unique deterministic combat system that combines elements of dungeon crawling and tower defense. Players must work together in combat by using combos to take down enemies and laying traps to control the battlefield. As they explore the world players will encounter events where they will make important decisions that will shape the storyline of the game. As they progress the story, players will unlock many new options like new classes, items, chapters and events and will have many opportunities to  advance their character to grow more powerful. The unique combination of tower defense with traditional dungeon crawling and a non-random deterministic combat system makes Midhalla worth a look if you are fan of dungeon crawl campaigns.

The base pledge for the core Midhalla game runs approximately $94 USD and the Champion Pledge which features the Saga of Harkon expansion including a fifth player addition will run about $117 USD. The Midhalla campaign will end on September 13, 2023 so make sure to make your pledge before then.

Farms Race

Next up this week we have Farms Race, a Kickstarter campaign from Medium Brow Games. 

Farms Race is pretty unique in that it is a parody eurogame that is supposed to feel like “Catan with nukes”. Players take the role of mutated farm animals that have gained sentience due to radioactive power plants. As either mutated cows, pigs, chickens, or sheep players will battle for control of the once peaceful countryside with their mutant abilities and yes even nuclear weapons. 

Gameplay seems Catan-like but with combat and area control as well. The board is made up of hexes of various terrain types that provide different tradable resources (wheat, wood, brick, plutonium and weapons). You gain resources based on a dice roll like in Catan but you will need to control the region with your herd of animals to reap the benefits. Your herds can move to different hexes and fight off other animals and humans in dice-based combat. You can also construct barns, armories and spy cards to help you in your conquest and in the race to 10 victory points to win the game.

Farms Race seems too hilarious to pass up and may just please fans and haters of Catan alike. The base game will cost only $45 USD but you can splurge for the Deluxe Edition running $80 USD that features upgraded components and “an expansion’s worth of content”. If you are ready like I am to dominate the countryside with your mutant radioactive chickens then make sure to make you pledge for Farms Race before the campaign ends on September 14, 2023,

Did we miss your favorite project?

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