Welcome to Kickstart Monday! We have a couple of treats in store for you this week as we examine two new Kickstarter projects! First, we will look at the first release from Knight Games titled Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch. Then we will look at Arkenshield from Mad Maki Games. I hope you are as excited as we are to delve into the worlds of fantasy!

Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch

Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch

One of the best parts of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was the sequence of events that led to Harry’s first game of Quidditch. In the game Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch you actually play the game Quidditch on the tabletop. The game will pit two players against each other. Get your broomsticks ready because it’s going to be a wild ride!

The game includes 4 teams that can be played, Griffyndor, Slithering, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Each team is represented by injected plastic figures on plastic flying stands. During the game players will work to position their team to give them the best chance at catching the snitch. Teams are asymmetric in abilities and weaknesses. You will pit your skill at coaching and leading your team against your opponent. To aid this you will use tactical cards to boost your play. Be careful, because like any resources, the timing will be critical.

Arkenshield – The Gates of Thy´an


Arkenshield – The Gates of Thy’an is a game where you will dive into the fantasy setting of Thaera. During the game you will go on an expedition a crossed the continent seeking out adventures and challenges. Walk the mysterious Nowhere Trail or seek out the Obsidian Islands of the Westbound Reach. There is plenty of game and content to uncover in this game!

At it’s core, Arkenshield is a deck builder for 1-4 players. Your deck and card play will generate resources such as Power, Influence, and Experience. By combining the cards you play with the companions under your control you will be able to take on either the active event or emotion that is at your location. Overcome and you will earn victory points towards winning the game!

The deck building is only a piece of the game though as it ties in traditional board game elements as well. There will be challenges that you will have to overcome based on the location you are on the game board. These challenges are in the form of active events or emotions. As you advance on the board you will need to overcome tokens that represent some form of challenge. Overcome this and you may move on. But wait, you will need to have experience that is contributed by recruiting companions to your cause. The more of them you control, the further you will be able to go.

It’s an interesting combination of mechanics and game rules. On the bonus, this game is available on Tabletopia for you to try!

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