Welcome to Kickstart Monday!!! This is a weekly blog series where we feature two or more crowdfunded projects in tabletop gaming. We scrub various crowdfunding platforms every week for these projects so that you don’t have to. Let’s take a look at this week’s featured projects!

Hexagonal Gaming System

Courtesy of their Project Page

The Hexagonal Gaming System from Wyrmwood features wooden hexagonal tiles with rare earth magnets that snap together on the table. This enables you to have a more organized tabletop gaming area. With these tiles you can say good bye to the days of piles of disorganized components, dice, and other bits on the table.

Tiles have options for one or two storage bins, card holders, spell usage tracking, metal cast counter dials, combinations of the above, and more! With so many options, you can pick up the tiles that make the most sense for your tabletop games. The best part of these tiles is that you can show up to game night and show off how organized your play area is compared to your friends.

If you like beautiful wooden gaming products, organized tabletop gaming space, and ever wanted to own a Wyrmwood product then this is a project you should look into.

1 for All: The Next Adventure

Courtesy of the Project Page

1 for All: The Next Adventure from Deerstalker Pictures is a project to generate funds for the next season of 1 for All. Deerstalker Pictures is a content creator focused on doing Dungeons and Dragons comedic shorts where actors go from scenes at the game table to scenes of the game play. Content touches on many hilarious sequences that many of us who have played role playing games have experienced at the gaming table.

Previous seasons have been privately funded and are available to watch on YouTube for free today. Like many of these channels, growing popularity and demands to do even better content is now requiring new funding methods.

If you love to laugh, watch skits, and relax this project might be for you. You can tell they enjoy what they do. This kind of content is great for continuing the growing interest in tabletop games, not just RPGs. Trust me, it’s a great show! Check it out for yourself!

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