[singlepic id=824 w= h= float=left]This is the latest project I have been working on. I picked him up on Sunday, March 30th and went quickly to work building the model so I could use it Monday night at our regular Warhammer night. In his first game, he performed about average, but I forgot his bound spell and it probably cost me big against Brian’s retooled Vampire Counts army that featured much more Ethereal models then I had seen previously.

Big focus with the paint is right now to work up the armor plates in that stormy blue-gray. The key here has been a large number of very watered down layers and I am still about 3-5 layers away from what I think will be done. Once this is done, I want to complete the skinks and mount brackets and start working on the solar engine itself. When those are done and able to be glued in place, then I will go back and finish the basing and under belly brown scales and final details on the figure. All in all, I am really digging the project. While the model has great detail, I have larger surface areas to work with with is making the painting move along pretty steady.

Look for an update when I feel I have completed the back armor plates along with a rough walk through of the paint techniques and colors used.