[singlepic id=932 w= h= float=right] Well, another week of releases and now we have the dreaded Mortarch’s of Nagash out. His mightiest of his Mortarch’s ride these giant terrifying mounts, which are new for them and something you don’t have an option for in their respective army books. These models all look pretty close to the same, but they have enough bits to make each one’s mount unique. Each rider has their own bits to make the models really unique.

What really had me intrigued about this kit was whether or not I could snag enough of the Arkhan the black bits to make an actual infantry version of the model for use with my Tomb King army when the rules for the army of undeath isn’t legal. Looking at the bits, it looks like this is definitely very viable as an option, but there is going to be some significant work adjusting the model or finding a set of legs that I can use to mount the figure on that will fit the figure well enough. Might just be a spot for me to work in some of those new sculpting skills.

I hadn’t read the website enough about the pre-order on these figure, but their actually on a 60×100 base rather then a standard chariot base. I am not sure why yet, because the bits on the sprue don’t make these look like they are that big. Maybe it’s their intent that you put these into units from a tactical perspective? I am not sure.

I am really looking forward to seeing the model on the table, whether it is mine or someone else’s it doesn’t matter to me. These kits will definitely look cool along side my tomb kings. I fully plan to pick up a second one of these which will be a Neferata. That will give me Nagash and 2 of his Mortarch’s, making for the need of an incredibly high points game before I can field them all.

Anyways, check out the gallery of pictures from the unboxing. In the picture with the two sprues, I used a handy crewman from a screaming skull catapult for comparison. One thing is for sure, these guys are not the massive monster of a figure that Nagash is!