So, I stopped by Pegasus Games today and picked up the mighty Nagash, greatest necromancer to have ever lived. For those that don’t get much into Warhammer fluff, let’s just say he pretty much single handedly created the Vampire Counts. Pretty awesome huh? Yeah, a guy like that just can’t be put down.

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So if you remember from way back when, Nagash used to be this kind of clown like skeleton guy on a 40 mm base that when the VC and TK books split he was dropped from both and went into the Warhammer archives to not be seen again. Yet there have been rumors of his return for almost the course of 3 editions of the game. It’s been pretty insane, but from the tombs of the dead he has risen in an altogether amazing model.

We talked a bit on this model and our thoughts in Episode 54, but the model is absolutely that…amazing. Of course, he better be for the price tag. At $105 for 1 single model, he is quite possibly the most expensive single character model that is now available for any army.

I will be honest, I was blown away by the size of the model. The pictures don’t do it justice so I made sure I lined up a skeleton with the sprues he comes on in the pictures so you can really get a feel for this guy. Yep, that is right. This guy will be fielded on an Arachnarock base as well. Obvious, the greatest necromancer that ever lived also came from an era when there wasn’t a cannon!

It’s going to be interesting modeling this guy, as I want to base the model to match my tomb kings. I almost need to build the model to see how he will exactly attach before I get too heavy into working the base, so this will take a little while to get the model done. I hope the pictures and this article helps you decide if you want to go pick up this great kit.