Here commence what should be an irregular feature I’ll call

 “Eccentric Armies”

I’m calling it this for two reasons.

1. Every army will be themed in one sort or another

2.These alternative armies are expensive, using the best themed models, not the cheapest.

Allright, so what army am I covering today?


So the first models that come to mind for fishmen are gonna be Kyte’s .  Kyte is a regular forum poster who has gone through Toll Forged to get his minis cast up, featuring character options for a lizardmen counts as army.  Check em out at the link here.


The best part about Kyte’s minis is the consistent style if his albeit small range.  However, the worst part of the range is that it is so small, you could make a southlands list out of it, but it would be a stretch with no stegadon counts as.  Nefvertheless, I would feel remiss for not mentioning them.

On to the main idea here, Most of these minis will be from Reaper Miniatures check em out here.

I’ll start with the rank and file and suggest I’m thinking of Daemons for a counts as rules support.

Let’s start of with these nice angler fishmen.

Tiik Warriors

These guys would make a fine unit of bloodletters to my mind the pose lunging forward, but if these aren’t your cup of tea reaper has some more options.

Spikeshell Warriors

Maybe even some nice mermaids for slaanesh?

Children of the Zodiac: Pisces

Pearl the Mermaid

I think these should make some fine choices for a bit of variety in your core, but they will cost a pretty penny

Of course everyone needs characters! Here are my choices which lead to some nice cultish character for the army.

Eregris Darkfathom, Evil High Sea Priest

Evil Sea Priest of Maersuluth

And of course who can forget the big gribblies!!

And here’s one last big gribbly form an alternative manufacturer.

Well, there you go, this concludes this post of eccentric armies, Let me know your thoughts!