So, yeah, this just showed up the other day. Lots of figures. Lots of the bones models.

So I unboxed the whole thing and put it into a small tub. While there are quite a few figures, none of them were really packed for figure safety and while the material Reaper uses for the Bones line is really durable, you would think a miniatures company would pack these with a little more care. Opening the box, figures are in three giant plastic bags. Opened, and I believe this is a complaint with anything in the Bones range, but anything like a spear, sword, staff, or similar is bent and bowed to the point that I have to ask myself if I should save that or just cut it off and replace it with brass rod.

2015-03-12 16.52.35Still, I might seem like I am really bemoaning the quality of these models or the kickstarter, but there are a lot of figures in here as you can see. I really like the little bits for dungeon dressing. Those will almost certainly end up on some models bases or tossed into some future terrain projects. These are the kind of things that as a miniature gamer I never feel like I can justify spending the money on to buy pre-made, but are always just so useful when your modelling that building or figures base to just make it look more lived in, used, and natural.

Some of the figs are just really cool and I am looking forward to finding ways to get some of these figures painted up and into my up and coming Call of Cthulhu RPG game and after that, who knows.

2015-03-12 16.52.28