2016-05-02 21.15.28This is a cool little piece of terrain I worked up that I received from Warlord Games when I bought the Gates of Antares starter box on pre-order (which looks like a really cool game that I want to play some time soon).

You can find the original kit on the Warlord games site: Orbital Transmat Station. It’s currently $20 US. The one that was included with my pre-order didn’t include the cool plastic bits so it’s sat here for a while waiting for me to think of what to do with it.

Getting into Infinity, I know I need a lot of terrain and thought this would be a good piece I could try out some air brushing techniques on. I really like the fade on the blue and while my accuracy could have been a little better and I had some issues with paint being too thin for my brush, I like the results. I hand painted on the gate symbols and the PanOceania symbol as well once I was done. It gives it a cool, Stargate feel to it now as well which I think adds a little to the fun.