The skeleton archer unit was the first thing I undertook with my new found painting confidence after completing my first model using “How to Paint Citadel Miniatures”.  It took my a long time to find the time to finish it so was my hobby goal many times on the show which I have finally completed.

2013-02-20 11.07.53

I have some issue with how my base color turned out and have tried to correct it but haven’t figured out what I need to do differently.  Although this is another not very good pic it is accurate that the base color compared to my test model is much darker and more brown.  I am fairly sure I used the same colors and technique and have also tried changing it but can’t get it to match the lighter more yellow color of my previous model.

These models also incorporate as part of my theme, the Army of Ptra, my attempt of painting “arrows of light”.  It is unfortunately really indistinguishable in the pic but I think it ended up well in color terms and I’m anxious to see if other people think I pulled it off well enough.  The inspiration for the “arrows of light” also came from the movie Immortals, specifically the Eprirus Bow.  I thought it was a neat fit with the arrows of asaph rule to have the army of Ptra, the sun god, fire arrows of light.

Hope to have better pics added soon.