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Batman Miniature Game: The Batman Two-Player Starter Set Review

The Batman 2-Player Starter Box for the Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models recently released a new two-player starter set for their Batman Miniature Game. The starter features a rulebook, 17 miniatures based on the film, cards, and a slew of tokens to play the game with. The contents of the box are focused on the film itself. All of the miniatures are either inspired by the film or are characters from the film. 

For me, The Batman film was great. While dark, it captured perfectly the feel of a frustrated Bruce Wayne trying to make a difference in the city only to start to realize at the end that there is a different way. Seeing the miniatures come to life on the tabletop is fantastic. Let’s take a look at The Batman Two-Player Starter in this review. 

Five Takeaways from the New Batman Miniature Game FAQ

The Batman Miniature Game FAQ was released, on Friday, August 19th to much applause from the Batman Miniature Game community. Knight Models has clarified a number of lingering questions regarding the game in this FAQ. Certainly, as with every FAQ for every game I have ever seen, there are likely new questions that need to be answered.

You can find the Batman Miniature Game FAQ via the Downloads section of the official Batman Miniature Game website. Like many players in the community, I sat down with the new FAQ and gave it a full read this past weekend. Here are my five takeaways from the new Batman Miniature Game FAQ.

Episode 91.5: AdeptiCon 2022

In Episode 91.5 of the WiscoDice podcast, Consey and the Stark Raving Mad One review their recent AdeptiCon experience. Adepticon is one of the largest tabletop miniature wargaming events held in the Chicagoland area (Schaumburg) every year. Adepticon takes place over 4 days of gaming with a huge emphasis on games like Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and other games.

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Download the Episode Here!

Episode Show Notes

Bolt Action Doubles ………….. 1:55

  • Brian’s List ……………… 6:58
  • Conesy’s List …………… 9:50
  • Round 1 …………………. 14:16
  • Round 2 ………………… 19:57
  • Round 3 ……………….. 26:07

Batman Miniature Game – Battle for the Cowl……. 34:45

  • Lists …………………….. 34:45
  • Round 1 ……………….. 42:27
  • Round 2 ……………….. 51:05
  • Round 3 ……………….. 1:00:57
  • Round 4 ……………….. 1:08:31

Download the Episode Here!

Scenes From AdeptiCon 2022

Bolt Action from Warlord Games

Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models

Download the Episode Here!

Games Featured in this Episode

Beyond the Show

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Conesy’s Top Games of 2021

Every year I like to take a look back at what games I really enjoyed. 2021 has been a great year for gaming. With online gaming platforms like Board Game Arena and Tabletopia being added as ways to play the games I love I have had more opportunities this year to play games than any year previously. This is a year that has seen me get back to the table with role-playing games, come back to in-person gaming, and have seen me paint well over 200 figures as well!

Just a few statistics to start things off. This is by far my best year ever for playing as many, and as many unique games!

  • I played over 662 games.
  • My top venue was Board Game Arena.
  • I played over 148 unique games.
  • March was my best gaming month, with 80 games played.
  • My collection grew by approximately 100 games toping now at 605 titles including expansions.

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the top games that Conesy played in 2021!

Leveraging the General Objective Cards To Optimize Your Joker Crew

Arkham Asylum Joker

If you are like me, then you enjoy winning. The key to that in Batman Miniature Game Third Edition is the objective deck. If you are one of those people, then this is the right spot. We’ll work on leveraging the general objective cards to optimize your Joker crew.

One of the challenges that players face with Batman Miniature Game Third Edition is what cards to include in their objective deck. Between the crew-specific cards, the general cards, and the character unique cards it can be overwhelming to determine what cards work for you.

Add in the complexity of having to then analyze your crew builds so that you can complete those objective cards just tosses another challenge into the mix. In order to win consistently in this game I find that you need to score 30+ points in the game. With Joker I actually find that I need to be in the 35+ points range.

Let’s take a look at the general card deck and see what makes sense to take.

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