Welcome to Kickstart Monday our weekly blog series about crowdfunded games and other gaming products. On this week’s Kickstart Monday we’ll dive into two projects that you just might be excited to play and support!

Lockup: Breakout Expansion

Courtesy of their Project Page

Lockup is a board game from Thunderworks Games that features the players playing one of the more villainous races in a fantasy game world locked up in prison. Each faction is struggling for prison supremacy. Using silent bidding mechanics, players take turns placing workers of various values on the game board. Those workers are then revealed when all of the workers are placed for a round. Those players who have winning bids at various locations will get the opportunity to gather resources or acquire useful cards and abilities for future rounds.

In the Breakout Expansion you will now have a chance to not only play the original game, but give your faction a chance to break out of the prison. Adding a new catacombs board, players will have new actions to select from as they struggle with all of the challenges of the original game and explore these new actions.

Of course, if you didn’t have a chance to pick up the original Lockup game you can pick both it and the expansion up for a very reasonable price. This is a game that if you like worker placement and bidding mechanics you should definitely check out.

Castlescape Deckbuilding Board Game

Courtesy of their Project Page

In Castlescape from Praetorian Board Games you will via for territory on the game board while managing and optimizing your deck of cards. You will play cards from your hand to add recruits to your supply as well as building walls from the quarry. You can also use gold to pick up new cards from the market giving you new options in later rounds. Some of your cards will let you make back alley deals that could lead to corruption while other cards will let you gain infamy. Manage to have the most points at the end of the game to win.

The best thing with this game is that you are actively constructing a fortress while you play this game. It’s something that feels very rewarding to see come to life as you play. If that sounds exciting to you then you may want to check out this project!

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