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Kickstart Monday: Detailed Painting and a Spiky Cheering Squad

It’s Monday and you know what that means. Well yeah, we have to go back to work, but it’s also time for Kickstart Monday!!!

GhosTiny Fine Detail Paint Brush Set For Miniatures

Jeff Beyer has launched his new project. This project is aimed at making affordable, smaller tipped paint brushes for miniature painting. GhosTiny Find Detail Paint Brush Set features 9 total brushes. That will include 7 unique round brushes, 1 chisel shaped brush, and 1 flat brush. Of course, like most projects you will have options to pick up the original set. There is all a really cool skull shaped cup that you can pick up to hold all of your paint brushes.

Chaos Pact Cheerleader Team: Fantasy Football

The Miniatures
Courtesy of their Kickstarter Page

Generic Miniatures has released their new project for their take on a Chaos Pact Cheerleader Team: Fantasy Football. You have options to back and receive the STL files for your 3D printing fun or with their partnership with Kazrak Miniatures you can back and receive metal or resin versions of these models.

On top of that, there are number of cool add-ons and stretch goals. That goblin hot dog vendor is one of my favorites!

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Kickstart Monday: Gaming Cocktails with Burly Norse Footballers

Thank you for checking out this week’s Kickstart Monday. Since I started this series on our Facebook Group I have come to look forward to scouring Kickstarter for new gaming related products and games every week. For this week I have another two cool looking projects that I wanted to point out.

Mystic Libations: Critical Cocktails

Mystic Libations
Courtesy of their Kickstarter Page

Mystic Libations is brought to you by creators Trader Brandon and Todd Stashwick. Backers of this Kickstarter project will receive a book with over 100 cocktail recipes.

Since we are from Wisconsin having cocktails seems very natural at the gaming table. Having themed ones might just even help with some of the immersion into a specific game. When I started playing Pandemic Legacy Season 0 and we were playing spies I immediately made a vodka martini – shaken, not stirred – just to get into the game a bit more. Little things like this can really aid players feel the setting of the game while adding something fun that they can all enjoy.

The Hammers of Valhalla – Norse Fantasy Football Team

The Hammers of Valhalla
Courtesy of their Kickstarter Project

The Hammers of Valhalla provides an excellent alternative for your Norse Blood Bowl team. This project is from Anthony J. Fennell who is owner of the Patriot Printing Southern Arizona. This company makes a number of alternative 3D printed models for a number of games including Blood Bowl and Star Wars: Legion.

This Kickstarter project will provide backers with quality 3D printed resin models. They don’t waste time on fancy artwork packaging, but take care to shrink wrap and carefully package all models for shipping. If you need a new Blood Bowl team for the new season, this is a great project to look at backing.

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Blitzed for Unboxing Blood Bowl: The Second Season Edition

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Kickstart Monday: Fantasy Jumping Right Off the Page!

We have a pair of Kickstarter treats for you this Monday! We are delving into our Fantasy roots with these two projects featuring our favorites! Dwarfs and Goblins. Only your backing can help determine who is the best. Let’s get chopping!

Fantasy Sports Dwarfs
Courtesy of Chaos Spawn Miniatures

Female Fantasy Dwarfs by Martin Pirsch

Blood Bowl is hot right now with the release of season two edition and filling out those teams with cool models is always cool. In this new Kickstarter by Chaos Spawn Miniatures features alternate sculpts for Fantasy Sports Dwarfs. Of course, you could use these for any fantasy game, but they have all of the look for a game of Blood Bowl. If you have had enough with beards on your dwarfs, look to this Kickstarter to provide you some really cool alternate sculpts. Of course, the old dwarf in me is screaming that these aren’t nearly beardy enough!

Greenskull Castle – Miniatures

Sample Painted Goblin
Courtesy of Emvicreative

Emvicreative is a new company trying to get things moving with it’s first Kickstarter, Greenskull Castle – Miniatures. The miniatures will be resin cast with 15 different possible sculpts available. The models have a classic hawkish nose which will help them fit in with your existing goblin miniature lines. Alternatively, these would make great additions to a Fantasy roll playing game. All of these models have real character to them. I think that goes to the passion that the team has in creating these great figures.

Did we miss your favorite project?

If you find these interesting, or think I missed a Kickstarter that you would like to hear more about please share your thoughts with us via the Facebook group or at our email.

Hit or Sit! Getting the Beat Down on Blood Bowl

All right fans, it’s time to take a look at the new version of Blood Bowl. I just picked up my copy this morning from Pegasus Games here in Madison for their Black Friday, shop in your pajama’s sale. There were plenty of Games-Workshop games players this morning all looking for the black friday shopping discount. Having been mostly away from buying of models from GW in a while, I have to say looking at the pricing that I can see why they were in the store.

Rant aside, I love Blood Bowl since I was introduced to it probably 12 or so years ago. I am an Orc player primarily and my standard team of old is 4 Black Orcs, 4 Blitzers, and 3 line Orcs (well, my base team anyways) with a couple of re-rolls and whatever is left is turned into fan factor. Well, that’s my starting team anyways and then we go from there. I also have a dark elf team, but I built that when dark elves still had throwers and no assassins and I remember a few years ago that changed which disappointed me a little since I had converted up a thrower. Oh well! That’s the way these things work sometimes.

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