This week’s Board Game Brunch had Consey and I pulled out a game we haven’t played for a while, Maracaibo. We pared it with some Caribbean pirate grub and drink.

The Game…Maracaibo

Maracaibo, published by Capstone Games is a strategy game set in the 17th Century. You sail through the Caribbean delivering goods and preforming other actions.

Our game started out rocky as it had been a while since our last play. It took us a solid round to remember the basic strategy and how to maximize our actions. In the end, i managed my first win in this game, with my strategy of focusing on my career card. Consey worked hard to push the influence track and completed many battles. While it looked like he had locked the victory early on, it just didn’t pan out with end game scoring.

The Food…Pirate Guacamole and Bumbo

Flipping through YouTube videos one day, we discovered Tasting History and the recipe for Pirate Guacamole and Bumbo.

This guacamole is sweeter than what I usually make, but pared well with the Bumbo. Both were very sweet. The sweet guacamole paired nicely with the salty chips. The sweet, warm rum drink would be delicious to sip around a fire pit.

And Beyond…

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