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We have had a bit of a hiatus due to Conesy recently moving, but we are getting back on track with this week’s #KickstartMonday

This week we are featuring a great way to fund an RPG miniature collection and our favorite dinosaurs.

Reaper Miniatures: Bones 6 – Tales From The Green Griffin

Reaper Miniatures: Bones 6 – Tales From The Green Griffin features loads of new models being added to the Reaper Bones Miniatures line. This is the 6th Reaper Bones Kickstarter and each of these has provided miniature collectors large numbers of great models to fill out collections at an affordable price.

The Green Griffin campaign core set has a number of great models that could be used as player characters in any fantasy RPG game including a small collection of gnomes. Of course, there’s no lack of monsters either with a nice collection of zombies, a werewolf looking monster, and several other critters. You can also add in the expansion to add in a number of components that can be used as furniture for various taverns, inns, or other indoor encounters.

If you would love a pile of great skulpts with new miniatures that you can add to your collection then you should look into Reapers Bones 6 on Kickstarter!

Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar

Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar from Prospero Hall takes us into the world of Jurassic World. This Cooperative Legacy style game will play out over 12 game plays. For 1-4 players, you will find yourself immersed in the world of dinosaurs and unlocking this story for 90-120 minutes of play for each of the 12 sessions.

Each adventure plays over 5 rounds. During each round, you will complete several phases including scouting new locations, taking actions, and then activating the dinosaurs. Each player will have a certain number of action tokens that they can use to run, lead a follower, herd some dinosaurs, search, rest, trade items with other players, or even activate buildings while indoors for unique actions! Of course, the dinosaurs will rome, eat, and occasionally cause all new problems. Will you be able to keep the big dinosaurs under control before they eat any of the park’s guests?

If you are a fan of the Jurrassic Park movies, love dinosaurs, or are interested in a new legacy game experience then you should check out this game from Prospero Hall!

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