Welcome to Kickstart Monday!!!! This is our weekly series featuring 2 or more crowdfunding projects in the tabletop gaming industry. I scour over platforms like Kickstarter, Gamefound, and Indigogo to find projects that interest me. People would ask me what I think is worth backing since I was providing these recommendations already. So why not share my thoughts with a weekly blog about projects that interest me?

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In this week’s Kickstart Monday I have two board games I wanted to mention. These games are very different. Let’s dive into these games and see why they have caught my attention. 

Canvas: Finishing Touches

Canvas: Finishing Touches from R2i Games brings the final installment to the popular Canvas game. Canvas is a game where you select a clear card with art and then layer three cards together to complete a painting. These paintings are compared to the scoring goals and players then score a number of points for those paintings. 

In Finishing Touches, players will be given more transparent art cards, more scoring card options, and a scorepad. In addition, a board extension will allow for some new mechanisms, though it’s not entirely clear to me what that will add.

If you love the original game, or love creating exciting works of art, then you should definitely check out this project. 

Black Mold

Black Mold from Terrible Games has one of the more interesting game mechanics we have seen in a game. On your turn, you will hold your breath and resolve as many actions as you can. The second you have to take a breath, your turn ends, and the play proceeds with the next player. 

In Black Mold, the play is also in a cooperative style. However, as play proceeds, there will come a point where it may be better to go it alone for a player’s own competitive advantage. This creates an interesting tension as you are never quite sure you can trust your other players to do what’s best for the group!

In addition, you can catch our interview with the designer of this game on Episode 98 of the Podcast

If you like creepy games with unique mechanics then you should definitely check out this project.

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