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This week, we couldn’t help but be excited for more Masters of the Universe and these cool periodic table dice. With that, read on and let’s see what these projects have to offer!

Masters of the Universe: Battlegrounds

Masters of the Universe: Battleground Core Set from Archon Studios

By the power of Greyskull!!! Archon Studios has brought their hit tabletop miniature board game Masters of the Universe: Battlegrounds back to Gamefound. Not only that but this time, they can distribute it to more countries including the US. Masters of the Universe is one of my favorite intellectual properties and brings back amazing childhood memories. When this project launched originally and I couldn’t receive a copy in the US I was very disappointed. Fortunately, I found a way to get a copy, but now I can get all the expansion stuff I missed.

In Masters of the Universe: Battlegrounds you play a 2 player skirmish tabletop miniatures game on a hexagonal game board. Each player controls some of their favorite characters from the MotU setting to see who can win. The miniatures, as you can see in the picture, come unassembled and unpainted. However, these models have details and poses that are iconic and classic to the characters from the cartoons, comics, and toys that inspired them. Not only that, but I can say that the detail is of a very high quality on these models.

If you are like me and want to collect all things Masters of the Universe, then you should head over to Gamefound and check out this project!

Ultimate Periodic Table Dice

When we heard about these dice, we were immediately intrigued. Of course, with dice in the name of our show, how could we not? In the Ultimate Periodic Table Dice Kickstarter from Rampage Games you can get six-sided dice that feature 118 elements from the periodic table. Do we have your attention yet?

We were sent a copy of these dice to play with and we couldn’t help ourselves but roll them to see what crazy molecules we might roll up. There are certainly several clever learning games one might create to use these dice in the classroom or with their children to help make learning about the elements just that much more fun. On top of that, as an add-on to the project, you can get cards with all 118 elements that will have details about each one so that you can learn more about each of these.

If you have young children or just want to learn more about science then you should definitely head over to Kickstarter to check this project out today!

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