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3 in 15!!! Dinosaur Theme Park Game Takeover

Dinosaur Theme Park Games take over this month’s 3 in 15!!! Our 3 in 15 series is 3 board game reviews in roughly 15 minutes. These games were fun to review and we ran a bit long. Of course, we have a contest announcement near the end of the video that we recommend you check out.

Episode 103: Crossbow Games, Boon Lake, Dinogenics, and More

In Episode 103, the hosts talk with Crossbow Games and hear about their upcoming games and what it’s like to use a print on demand service for game production.

Download the Episode Here!

Episode Show Notes

  • News …..00:58
  • Games We’ve Been Playing …. 05:31
  • Interview with Crossbow Games ….. 22:20

Crossbow Games Links

Board Game Night at Misty Mountain

Read on for links to the games discussed and pictures.

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