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On this week’s #KickstartMonday we dive into a very dice-themed week. Let’s dive into this week’s projects!

Reliquaries: Hand Painted Dice Thrones by Dwarven Forge

Reliquaries: Hand Painted Dice Thrones by Dwarven Forge is a unique project featuring cool pedestals to give your dice the proper respect that they need. We have all had dice that just will not roll well, but what about rewarding those dice with the special treatment that they deserve. Each of these reliquaries is hand-sculpted and painted with an eye to detail.

So besides being places of honor for your dice you can actually put these to good use. Leverage them for tracking ability stats, damage, skill modifiers, or any number of things you might need markers for in your games.

While I feel that Dwarven Forge markets these a bit more to the RPG market, I can see myself using these to track the turn in a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, mark the damage taken on a miniature in battle, or track any number of effects.

If you are like us and love dice then you want to give your dice the respect that they deserve. Don’t jail your dice. Give them the place of honor that they deserve.

Handcrafted RPG Character Cat’s Eye Gemstone Dice

These handcrafted RPG character cat’s eye gemstone dice from Diving Hippo Studios is unique in a market filled with polyhedral dice. Each dice features a symbol that represents one of the 12 most popular character classes in Dungeons and Dragons. This really lets you have a unique set of dice that really represents your character.

The dice are made from Cat’s Eye which is a semi-transparent gemstone. The dice are hand-carved. Since they are gemstone they are heavier, not quite the weight of metal dice but weighty still. Though the carving process won’t have quite the same perfection as the sides of manufactured dice, it does mean that these dice will be truly unique and made just for you.

If you love to own unique dice, have a player character that’s truly special, or a class that you love to play then pick up a set of very unique dice then this is going to likely be the set you have always been wanting.

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