It’s Monday. It’s time to dive into crowdfunding. Here are a couple of treasures we think you might be interested in.


Ragnorocks from Grey Fox Games and designed by Gordon Hamilton (you know, that same guy that designed Santorini) will provide a unique game play experience for 1-2 players. On your turn you will move one of your viking figures on the board and place a runestone. You will have the option to play myth cards that may affect your viking’s ability to do things or give you options on placement of the runestone you normally wouldn’t have. Score the most points and you win!

This abstract game looks to be a real treat, much like Santorini is. If you are in need of a good two player game and checkers and chess have been played out then this might be the game for you.

Eternal Palace

Eternal Palace from Alley Cat Games features a dice placement (dice represent your workers) game with beautiful artwork and intriguing Euro style mechanics. Start your turn by rolling your dice behind a screen. On your turn you will be able to place your dice onto the game board. Beware as you don’t know what your opponents rolled. Action spots on the board may require a 3 or greater or a 5 on the dice to use. Since you don’t know what your opponents rolled you could gamble and take a more needed action only to find out that they did roll that 5 on the one dice they had of that type.

The game boasts that the main game will have over 400 components. If dice placement, tons of components, and player interaction sound great then hop over and back this project.

Did we miss your favorite project?

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