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It’s Halloween and Crowdfunding is full of spooky, creepy, and otherwise heavily themed games for this time of the year. I didn’t have to look to hard to find two great projects that I thought are worth real consideration into supporting.

Die of the Dead: Xolo Expansion

Die of the Dead: Xolo Expansion & Ofrenda Variant from Radical 8 Games provides players with expanded content for the base game and another opportunity to get the original game. We spoke with Mark, the publisher, from Radical 8 Games about this game in Episode 99. Indeed, Justin had picked up this game on the initial Kickstarter run as well before the interview.

With a unique theme around the Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Mexican holiday. The game is presented with plenty of dice which you will, through gameplay, guide back to the land of the living from their caskets, ascending a stair, and finally returning.

If there is one reason to back this game, it’s for the amazing art and visual table presence. We find it a very interesting game and with the addition of a Xolo (dog) meeple to the game how could you not want a copy?

If dice games with player interaction, some luck, and amazing artwork are all things that interest you in a game then you should check this project out.

Cthulu: Death May Die – Fear of the Unknown

Cthulhu: Death May Die – Fear of the Unknown from CMON is the latest entry into the Cthulhu: Death May Die franchise. Fear of the Unknown features a new season in the franchise due to upgraded rules for what is hoped to be a more streamlined and fun experience. There are also 6 new episodes in the box with 2 new Elder boxes that will bring additional challenges to players.

This is a standalone entry into the franchise. For those unfamiliar with the game, you will choose one Elder One and one Episode Box which sets up the scenario you are about to play. Then you will play as an investigator to try to uncover and stop the old one from returning (or sending them back) over the course of the game. You will fight multiple monsters, try to overcome a ritual, and have to deal with the inevitable madness that comes with dealing with the Mythos.

If you love a narrative-driven, Cthulhu and Lovecraft-themed game then you should definitely consider this project.

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