Welcome to Kickstart Monday!!! This is our typically weekly series featuring two or more crowdfunded projects for tabletop gaming. Every week I take a dive into what looks interesting on sites like Gamefound and Kickstarter. Hopefully, you will find these projects of interest too!

This week’s featured projects include an amazing 3D board game and a Dungeons and Dragons 5E supplement that is sure to spice up your city encounters. Hopefully, you are as interested as I am. Let’s check them out!

Hortven: King of Fortress

Hortven: King of Fortress from MasterGames features one of the more unique board games we have brought to Kickstart Monday to date. This game features an interactive, three-dimensional castle that you play the board game on. You will play as one of six playable characters interacting with the other players, game-controlled characters, and exploring the castle itself.

Since the big attraction to this game is the castle itself it definitely needs a number of cool components. You can open gates, doors, and other components of the castle itself as you play the game. On top of that, you will find crates and boxes scattered through the castle. Plundering those, also tangible objects, you will find treasures such as relics that you can use to help achieve victory.

If you are like me then just looking at this game has to bring out your inner child. I can see myself spending hours just playing with some miniatures around this, perhaps inserting the castle into a role-playing game. Of course, I would play the game too!

The City Attractions Package

The City Attractions Package from Evil Pidgeon Games will help you Dungeon Masters out there add new elements to your fantasy cities. Cities are more than just places to shop. People live there. They need activities. Town Criers, taverns, eateries, and more are the standard fare at most game tables.

This supplement will add NPCs, attractions, maps, random tables, and features that you can add into your fantasy cities to make them feel more real. It’s one thing to have players enter a city. It’s quite another for them to get a true feeling that the city is lived in, massive, and full of life.

If you are a Dungeon Master that is like me and wants to prep and create the best game experience for your players then this project is something you will likely want to look into.

Did we miss your favorite project?

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