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Episode 124: WiscoDice 2024 Gen Con Preview: Hottest New Board Game Releases

Join the WiscoDice crew as they discuss what games they are excited to explore at GenCon this year. Will we see you there?

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Games Discussed on the Show:

  • Sprocketforge, Sophisticated Cerberus Games, Booth 2566
  • Ada’s Dream, Alley Cat Games, Booth 2052
  • How to save a world –  Burnt Island Games, Booth 2004
  • Pirates of Maracaibo, Capstone games, Booth 1743
  • SETI search for extraterrestrial intelligence, CGE, Room 235
  • Agueda: City of Umbrellas, 25th Century Games, Booth 1233
  • WeirdWood Manor, GreyRidge Games, Booth 1937
  • Barcelona: Passeig de Gracia, Board&Dice, Booth 2611
  • Dungeon Kart, Brotherwise Games, Booth 339
  • Luthier, Paverson Games, Booth 2151
  • Cytress, Tress Games, Booth 2833
  • Final Girl: The North Pole Nightmare, Van Ryder Games, Booth 2533
  • Quoridor Pac-Man, Gigamic, Booth 2435 
  • Windmill Valley, Board & Dice, Booth 2611
  • MistWind, First Fish Games, Booth 836
  • Maps of Misterra, Sit Down!, Booth 1321
  • Zoomies, Fireside Games, Booth 2434
Orla (dog) providing approval for the game Zoomies
Orla giving her approval for Zoomies

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Read on for links to the games discussed and pictures.

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