For 2024 Conesy and Suzanne created of a list of gaming resolutions. Follow along on our journey to see if we are successful in 2024. We’ll be updating this article throughout the year with our progress

Conesy’s Resolutions

  • Finish Themed Gaming Room / Studio
  • Attend 12 or More Tabletop Gaming Conventions in 2024
  • Paint 100 or More Miniatures in 2024
  • Play 400 or More Tabletop Games (Board Games, Miniature Games, RPG Sessions) in 2024 that are In-Person
  • Lose 100 Pounds or More in 2024

Suzanne’s Resolutions

  • Launch Board Game Brunch on YouTube
  • Interact with gaming groups online
  • Board Game Library Organization
  • Board Game Meet-ups
  • Complete 10 x 10

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