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Blast Off With Artemis Project

I was introduced to Artemis Project by Grand Gamers Guild at Gen Con 2019. It was Saturday of the convention and my wife was taking me from booth to booth checking out those last vendors that had something we really wanted to see. I don’t know where she heard of Artemis Project, but she knew I liked games that used dice as workers in a worker placement role. Walking up to the booth, we spoke with the designer and within moments I was sold. I needed to have a copy of this game!

  • Players: 1-5
  • Playtime (with Setup): we find it around 90-150 minutes
  • Publisher: Grand Gamers Guild
  • Designer: Daryl Chow and Daniel Rocchi

Kickstart Monday: An Exciting Odyssey for the Ages

Welcome to Kickstart Monday!!! I had to take a quick break the past couple of weeks due to crazy work/life balance things. However, we are back this week and I can’t wait to tell you about these two amazing projects. We are going to be talking about two amazing sci-fi games. So let’s go on an exciting odyssey for the ages!

The Artemis Odyssey

The Artemis Odyssey from Grand Gamer’s Guild is the successor game in the same universe as the popular The Artemis Project. However, being in the same universe is where these two games stop being similar. In The Artemis Odyssey you will take on the role of trailblazers discovering the interstellar space. Discover new planets, terraform them, build factories, and gather resources is the theme of this game.

The Artemis Odyssey uses card driven game play where you will play cards in a programming fashion. Your actions will be boosted if the other revealed cards are ones that aid you and give you benefit. This lets you strategically select cards based on what you think your opponents will do.

Of course, like most projects these days it’s available to try using a Tabletop Simulator mod. This ability to play games before you have a physical copy allows players to really know if they are going to like a game.

Do you have what it takes to discover new worlds? If this excites you then you should check out The Artemis Odyssey from Grand Gamer’s Guild.


Agemonia from, the same publisher behind Eclipse, features a cooperative campaign board game. You will play through various scenarios, evolve the maps as you explore, and unlock upgraded powers on your path through this game. As you explore you will use the various books, such as the City Book and the Story Book, to uncover the background and experience new challenges.

While it could be argued there there are too many of these campaign adventure games available, this game looks to have a very well done production. Graphically, it looks to be on point. Not to mention, that you aren’t forced into backing at a huge investment to get the game. There is an add on package if you want the additional miniatures. For those of you who may be storage challenged, or have to carry the game to game nights at some other location that will certainly be attractive.

If you are looking for a different campaign game experience, then check out Agemonia.

Did we miss your favorite project?

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Kickstart Monday: Racing for Beer and Board Game Survival

Welcome to the week! Time to get it started right with two new crowdfunding projects coming to you from the land of Kickstarter. We will be racing for beer and picking up our essentials for board game survival. Let’s check the featured projects out!

The Belgian Beers Race US Edition

Grand Gamers Guild has a new project and this time you will be racing around Belgium, sampling great beer, and trying not to get too intoxicated in the process. If that doesn’t sound like a college European vacation then I am not sure what does!

The game will take place over three game days. The game appears to use an action time track where various actions take differing amounts of time. Whoever is furthest behind (has the most time) is the next person to activate. When the day runs out of time then the round is done for you.

During each round you will need to travel by hitch hiking, buss, or biking around Belgium to reach each brewery. Of course, once you stop you can choose to take a taste and purchase beer, purchase cheese, and meet up with the other players. Of course all of these activities take time. Worst of all, meeting up with friends and tasting beer will move you up on the breathalyzer track. Move too far up and you will lose time the next day!

Each round you will score points for various activities. If you have what it takes for a wild, beer soaked ride in Belgium then you should probably do that instead. However, for the rest of this, we can relive one of our college vacations when we play The Belgian Beers Race.

Make 100: The Board Game Survival Kit

Sit down to play a game at the table, just to find out the game doesn’t have components for your player color? Tired of getting confused during the game because you had to settle for a player color you usually don’t play? Well bring your own player pieces in this handy tin in this project.

Atikin Games, the publisher of this Kickstarter, is including a tin to hold your survival kit, 5 meeples, 2 dice, a plastic player marker, and a round cylinder in the kit. You can upgrade the kit to have a custom an updated logo on the tin, a deluxe version that includes a set of polyhedral dice and bag, and several of the Atikin board games in various bundles.

This is a great little way to help ensure you don’t get mixed up the next time you play a game.

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Conesy’s Diary: Episode 41 Conesy Reviews The Artemis Project

The Artemis Project
Set Up for 2 Players

For Episode 41 of the Diary I review The Artemis Project from Grand Gamers Guild. This game for 2-5 players has an excellent implementation on BoardGamePlay. See what Conesy thinks of this game when you check out the episode!

Conesy’s Diary: 1/13/2021

Go, listen to the show!

Episode 76: We Are Building a Kingdom with Architects of the West Kingdom

Architects of the West Kingdom with Age of Artisans Expansion

For episode 76 of the WiscoDice Tabletop Gaming Podcast we review Architects of the West Kingdom from Renegade Game Studios.

Other games we talk about on the show include:

Here are the products we mentioned during the show:

We also talk about online gaming platforms. The platforms that were mentioned:

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