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Episode 82.5: Dragon Fall Gaming Festival

In this episode of the WiscoDice podcast, Consey talks with Mike, one of the organizers of the Dragon Fall Gaming Festival. Have a listen to this bonus episode and learn what is planned for this convention that benefits multiple charitable organizations and how to get some free beer at the convention.

Image is of a dragon had and wing. This image is seen on the Dragon Fall Event Page
Curtsey of Dragon Fall Event Page

Download the Episode Here!

Episode 81.5: Lonely Undead: Very Alive on on Kickstarter

Lonely Undead Game Box
Episode 81.5: Lonely Undead Game Box

In Episode 81.5, the Ghostwalker Matt talks with Lonely Undead game developer, Shelby Matussak. Download the episode now and find out what inspired this game! More importantly, find out what makes Lonely Undead stand out over other Zombie-themed games. Then check out the very alive game on Kickstarter.

This game was featured on this week’s #KickstartMonday. If you haven’t checked out #KickstartMonday it’s our weekly blog series where we feature two crowdfunded gaming projects. From miniatures, dice, accessories, and games we scour the web for crowdfunding projects so you hopefully won’t have too!

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